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LittleRo.Org deals with perhaps the last taboo, children sexually abused (CSA). We support victim-survivors who have reached adulthood without the trauma being released.

Around us, wherever you go, home or abroad, there are millions of adults who are carrying CSA trauma. It is reported that one in five adults have experienced childhood sexual abuse.  We know the figure is much higher from our work with survivors and professionals.

LittleRo.org provides Help Hope and Healing for victim-survivors. Read about our projects and progress. We work to raise awareness of CSA and campaigns for the changes on our Projects page.

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We accept the currency of time and money. So please share your time by fundraising for us, raising awareness of us on social media, inviting our keynote speakers to address audiences, share your contacts and stories and get on board. What services can you offer? And of course, money to support our work.

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