Mission Statement

Help Hope Healing

LittleRo.org provides help hope and healing to victim-survivors of CSA. We raise awareness of and campaign for change.

Kim Sealy Director

Help Hope Healing

Our mission is straightforward it is to provide help hope and healing from the dehumanising effects of child sexual abuse.

One example of our Help Hope and Healing at work is the establishment of London Survivors Group. A support group set up in conjunction with Survivors Voices. Read more about our work at Projects and Progress.

Awareness and Campaigning

We are working to raise awareness of CSA and the devastating effects that it has on the life of a victim-survivor and society.  We do this through our keynote speeches For Crying Out Loud and Paradise Lost. To invite us to speak to your audience email support@littlero.org. Read more on our Projects and Progress pages.

We are campaigning for better service provision for victim-survivors including unique and longer therapy on the NHS. More details on awareness and campaigning are on our Projects and Progress pages.

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Help Hope Healing

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