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Welcome to Little Ro: Championing Survivors, Transforming Trauma

At Little Ro, we’re more than just an organisation; we’re a thriving community of survivor-led experts on a mission to reshape society’s response to abuse. We proudly amplify the voices of Black survivors, champion trauma awareness, and provide practical tools for coping and healing. Our initiatives support abuse survivors on their journey, offering safer spaces for sharing stories. Join us in catalysing change – explore, engage, and participate in the movement for a more empathetic and supportive society.

Little Ro

Breaking Taboos

At Little Ro, we courageously address one of society’s most challenging issues: childhood sexual assault (CSA) and abuse. We stand wholeheartedly with adult survivors who carry the burden of this trauma into their adulthood, advocating for a cultural revolution and fostering healing through community resilience.


Little Ro

Raising Awareness

Everywhere you turn, whether at home or abroad, countless adults carry the weight of childhood sexual assault and abuse as trauma. Statistics suggest one in five adults has endured childhood sexual assault (abuse), but our experience shows the actual number is far greater.  You can either invite us or join us for a keynote speech, and together, let’s ignite awareness.


Little Ro

Help Hope Healing Heard

Little Ro serves as a lifeline for survivors, providing them with help, hope, and healing. Through our multifaceted projects, we aim to spotlight abuse, combat childism, and transform the landscape of trauma treatment. Join us in witnessing our progress and participate in our journey toward a more compassionate society.

Guiding Change for Trauma Support

We are proud to serve as advisors to organisations like the Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse and Barnardos, where we actively influence policies and practices that impact survivors. Join us in this unstoppable journey toward change, and help us make a lasting difference in the lives of survivors.


Help Hope Healing Heard

Get Involved

Your support is crucial to our mission. Whether you’re interested in donating, volunteering, or learning more about our work, there are numerous ways to get involved. Together, we can create a world where survivors are heard, supported, and uplifted.

Embrace The Power of Giving

As a free, non-profit website that operates without ads, we rely on readers like you for support. If you believe in the mission of Little Ro, we encourage you to make a tangible difference today. Even a small donation of just £5 can profoundly impact the advancement of our cause. Join us in creating positive change by scanning and donating or simply clicking on the donation buttons. Your support matters, and we extend our heartfelt thanks for being a part of this journey


What Our Users Say

Our weekly group has been a life line, thank you Jane and Roz– don’t know what I would have done without it.

In Talk Heal and Seal I have found my voice and a safer space to say it as I feel, without having to worry. Thank you.

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What sets our training courses apart is our team of expert instructors. Each of our trainers is a seasoned professional in the field of trauma, offering not only a wealth of theoretical knowledge but also invaluable real-world experience. Their lived experiences bring a unique depth to our courses, ensuring you receive the most comprehensive and practical education available.

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