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Little Ro focuses on perhaps the last taboo, children sexually assaulted (CSA) and abuse. We support victim-survivors who have reached adulthood without the trauma being released and demand cultural change. And as survivor-led experts, we are transforming society’s response to abuse and especially amplifying Black voices, Black trauma and healing. We are about survivor support, awareness and change.

Little Ro provides help hope and healing for survivors and we have a range of projects. We are campaigning to aware of abuse, childism and treatment of trauma. Watch our progress.

We are advisors to the Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse and Barnardos.

What We Do

Around us, wherever you go, home or abroad, there are millions of adults who are carrying CSA trauma. It is reported that one in five adults has experienced childhood sexual abuse.  We know the figure is much higher from our work with survivors and professionals. So book a keynote speech now, let’s raise awareness together.

Sex Education Protects Our Children

From an interview with Roz on protecting children.

On Trafficking Children

From an interview with Roz on Trafficking children.

How To Support Us

We accept the currency of time and money. So, please share your time by fundraising for us, following us on social media and raising awareness of what we do. You can invite our keynote speakers to address audiences at your workplace, church or any social space. Share your contacts and our stories. Donate and suggest anything we haven’t listed. Get onboard our work.

You Can Help Keep Us Growing

As a free, non-profit website that doesn’t run ads, we rely on support from our readers. If you believe in Little Ro’s mission, please consider donating. A small £5 donation makes a difference.

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