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BIPOC Healing Circle

Wednesdays at 19:30

Come together with the Black and People of Color in a welcoming space.

Release Fear, Anger, and Worries

Join us as we let our burdens go.

Learn More and Watch Our Video For additional details, click the link below.

For Your Safety Attendance is by invitation only. Email us at for more.


Talking, Healing, and Sealing

As members of the BIPOC community, it is essential for us to unite, engage in open dialogue, and collectively heal the wounds of our past. Trauma and adverse childhood experiences are linked to various physical and mental health challenges, social issues, and premature mortality. The BIPOC community often bears witness to the trauma experienced by others in a society that does not consistently value all bodies equally. This secondary trauma can significantly affect our well-being and be inherited by future generations. Taking a healing journey is crucial for our own sake and that of our descendants

Healing From The Past, Connecting to the Present

Did your childhood leave you feeling protected or disrupted? Does deep despair haunt you due to experiences of sexual, physical, emotional, or religious abuse? Have you ever felt ridiculed or isolated for who you love? Have you lived in a world of silence? You are not alone.

Support for the BIPOC (Global Majority) Community

For Black and People of Color [BIPOC], trauma is often entangled with what happened to you and how we witness others, like ourselves, being treated in society. This can be re-traumatising. That’s why we’ve created a unique and safer brave space to Talk, Heal, and Seal the wounds of our collective experience. Our BIPOC In-person trauma support group is that safer haven, open to all BIPOC individuals and especially welcoming to QTBIPOC members. For more information, please watch the video below.

Join Us Today

To join our supportive community, please reach out to us at We warmly welcome all BIPOC individuals with lived experiences. Review our group’s rules and guidelines for a respectful and inclusive environment, and explore our resources page for additional help and support.


What You’ll Find Here

  • Acceptance and Inclusivity
  • A Caring Shoulder to Lean On
  • A Willing Ear to Listen
  • Encouragement and Strength
  • Moments of Laughter, Conversation, Healing, and Closure
  • Healing through the Power of Music, Mirth, and Mahalo (Gratitude)


What Is Peer Support

Peer-to-peer support occurs when individuals with shared experiences come together to assist one another. This approach fosters a community where everyone feels accepted and understood, valuing each member’s experiences equally. In this collaborative environment, each participant both gives and receives support.


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