one by one

Little Ro is here to make a difference to millions of unheard voices that have been silenced by and suffer because of incidents of childhood sexual abuse [CSA]. 

It is not our aim to change the world or society. We intend to make individuals aware of the horrors of CSA. And by reaching out to individual hearts and minds we know, that individuals who make up society will bring about the change, will be the champions of CSA.

One person, one heart, one spirit at a time.

one by one

4 thoughts on “one by one

  1. This cause is fabulous, its probably worth including information on the site on how to get in contact, and more importantly also including your account details for donation.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. We are in the process of developing the site. But we are following your advice and now include details of how to donate. Thank you and check back in short while.

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