Trauma's an uninvited guest,
So rude, it won't relent or rest,
Like bitter pills, its presence stings,
In public spaces, it still clings.

Around you, eyes cast judging stares,
Some shake their heads, no one cares,
Inside, a sinking, heavy weight,
Accompanied by fear, it's not too late.

Therapist's unreachable, aid's afar,
Trauma's voice is just too bizarre,
But when it speaks, don't be alone,
Many share a trauma-prone zone.

Millions grapple with this strife,
Chewing on the bone of life,
So here's some wisdom, if you please,
Hug your trauma, find some ease.

Embrace its presence, let it be,
With love, it calms, eventually,
Words of wisdom, you'll then find,
Healing starts within your mind.

by @Roz Etwaria

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