My election plea please feel free to share

Election’s eve draws nigh, and whilst you ponder tax,
A darker truth emerges, stark and grim, a brutal fact:
Sexual violence, childhood’s scars, they haunt our land,
A plague upon our sisters, hearts and minds unmanned.

The parties vie for power, promises they weave,
Yet Labour stands as beacon, fierce resolve they cleave.
Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper’s pledge so clear,
To overhaul policing, protect the vulnerable, end the fear.

But let us not forget, these numbers stark and cold:
Over six hundred million women, their stories left untold,
Intimate partners’ violence, a cruel and bitter toll,
One in four young girls, their innocence they sold.

So as we cast our ballots, let’s remember well,
That change begins with action, in this tale we tell.
For violence against women, it shan’t persist,
Together we can rise, resist, and firmly insist.

Link to the parties’ positions courtesy of Survivors Trust.