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Experienced educators and trainers at LittleRo.Org with lived experiences, representing diverse backgrounds

Who We Are

LittleRo.Org is your partner in fostering well-being and resilience. Our comprehensive education and training programmes are tailored for businesses, care professionals and private individuals, ensuring that every journey towards healing and transformation is supported and nurtured.

At LittleRo.Org, we offer tailored workshops catering to our diverse clientele’s unique needs.  Look and Book Now.

Clients at our organisation come from various backgrounds, including businesses, care professionals, and individuals on a  learning and healing journey.

Our Clients Are

(In alphabetical order)

Businesses: Invest in your staff’s well-being with our strategic approach. We help you identify and support at-risk employees, fostering a healthier, more productive workplace.

Care Professionals: Enhance your ability to support others with our specialised training. Gain insights and tools to assist those in your care better.

Individuals in Recovery: Embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Our workshops provide the skills needed for personal growth and a return to well-being.

"At LittleRo.Org, we welcome adult trauma survivors of all ages and abilities, with a special emphasis on embracing Black and people of color, as well as the LGBTQ+ community.

Who It’s For

Our tailored programmes cater to businesses, organisations, professionals, frontline workers, volunteers, young people, parents, families, individuals, survivors, and more. We enable you to make a difference in your personal life, business, or community.

Join Us

No matter your role, LittleRo.Org is here to guide you towards a brighter, more resilient future. Discover our workshops and take the first step on your path to well-being.


Choosing LittleRo.Org for training and workshops – 3 compelling reasons.

Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves on being culturally humble, trauma-informed, and exceptionally skilled. Our unique blend of lived experience and scientific knowledge ensures a deep understanding of abuse, trauma, and healing. Join us for refreshing and fun education and training that’s impactful and interactive.

3 Reasons To Choose Us:

  1. Expertise: Led by lived experience and guided by sciences.
  2. Impactful Learning: Compassionate sessions filled with learning, art, and fun.
  3. Tailored Solutions: One-to-one services, bespoke sessions, group workshops, and special courses for schools and young people.


Explore Our Workshops

a heart hugging itself, with the words busy loving me

Busy Loving Me

Your exclusive guide to self-awareness, self-love, and holistic emotional well-being, tailored for both individuals and businesses. Discover the path to personal growth and a more fulfilling professional life.  Learn More

woman and girls enabled and stepping into their agency and growth and personal development

Fab Fierce Female Compassion

Tailored for individuals and businesses, this workshop delves into a unique form of compassion designed for women. Explore more to ignite positive transformations. Learn More

a person looking at themselves and seeing their personal growth and development at

Compassion is Fierce

Join our workshop to identify and strengthen your compassion muscles. Tailored for both individuals and businesses, this transformative session promises personal and career advancement. Learn More

a person with a mega phone expressing themself at

Express Yourself

Join our public speaking workshop to boost confidence, break barriers, and unleash your story. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your communication skills—suitable for individuals and businesses.  Learn More

Passionate individuals from promoting our not-to-be-missed Lived Experience Facilitation Training Courses.

Facilitator Training

Enhance your skills with our Facilitator Training workshop. Ideal for both beginners and experienced facilitators discover the art of fostering peer-to-peer support. Explore the possibilities—Learn More

A lifebouy of learning how to navigate life's crisis with the training course how not to drown at Littlero.Org

How Not To Drown

This workshop equips you with essential skills to ride the waves gracefully. Whether you’re an individual seeking resilience or a business promoting well-being, dive into the details and discover how this transformative workshop can help you stay afloat. Learn More

Discover the power of compassion and support in this poignant image on Two men engage in a heartfelt conversation, with one providing comfort and helping the other process his emotions. Witness the strength of connection as they navigate through moments of vulnerability and solidarity. Explore the profound impact of empathetic conversations at

Talking Through Torment

Ignite the Power of Conversation with ‘Talking Through Torment.’ This workshop is dedicated to preventing suicide, offering effective ways to engage and support those at risk. Be a catalyst for change— ‘Talking Through Torment’ can make a difference.  Learn More

Empower resilience through trauma-informed education and training from LittleRo.Org

Trauma-Informed Training

Discover the power of Trauma-Informed Training in our workshop. Model and implement practices for organizational well-being. Elevate your professional impact—explore the transformative course now! Learn More

What's love gotta do with it: an educational and training programme to help with healthy relationships for all ages from

What’s Love Got To Do With It

Explore the nuanced aspects of love—elusive, confusing, overwhelming, and sometimes unrequited. Ideal for individuals seeking personal growth and businesses aiming to enhance team dynamics through emotional intelligence.  Learn More

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