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Learn How To Run Peer Support For Survivors Of Trauma And Abuse

Unlock the transformative potential of peer support for survivors of trauma and abuse. If you’re driven to create safer spaces, eager to learn from a trusted peer-to-peer model refined over 25 years or envision building a workplace that prioritises employee well-being while making a positive social impact – this course is your gateway.

a peer support group in session for survivors at LittleRo.Org

Who’s Invited

Our course welcomes all passionate individuals, from budding enthusiasts to seasoned facilitators, keen on running peer support for trauma survivors. Discover indispensable skills and delve into a survivor-led, survivor-focused model endorsed by voices, including those at Little Ro. Learn how to turn empathy into a strategic advantage and witness your business flourish.

Tailored Solutions:

Designed to meet your specific needs and goals, our course offers options. Immerse yourself in a lively, interactive residential weekend to learn and practice essential skills for running effective peer sessions. Connect with like-minded participants and forge valuable connections. Alternatively, opt for shorter, customised training sessions to suit your schedule and preferences. Either way, our course is a must for businesses aiming to create a secure haven for their staff.

What Awaits You

Embark on an immersive weekend course, often in a residential setting, where you’ll:

  • Facilitate effective and empathetic peer sessions
  • Tap into the collective wisdom and experiences of your peers
  • Sharpen, refine, and apply facilitative skills
  • Navigate the complex and sensitive issues of trauma and abuse
  • Master meeting management while ensuring the safety of everyone involved

Don’t just learn; become a vital force in creating spaces of healing and resilience. Seize this opportunity to join a movement supporting survivors to heal, grow, and thrive. Register now and prepare for a rewarding and enriching experience.

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