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Peer to Peer Group Support

Step into a world where compassion reigns supreme, and every voice finds a sanctuary—a world of peer support that’s as enriching as it is transformative. Here, we offer survivors of abuse a lifeline, a Brave safer space where healing begins.

Embracing Brave Conversations

We encourage your bravery to speak and ours to listen and share. This is where your story finds the comfort of understanding and the freedom from judgment or hostility.

Peer Support: More Than a Concept

Peer support is your lifeline, beacon of hope, and path to healing. We believe in the transformative power of community, a space where survivors find solace and thrive, united by their shared experiences.

Little Ro

An Oasis of Acceptance and Understanding

In our realm, acceptance isn’t a mere word; it’s a heartfelt embrace, and understanding isn’t distant; it’s a living reality. Our groups are safer havens where survivors are acknowledged and celebrated for their resilience. It’s where you’ll find your tribe, where your story truly matters.

Specialised Support for Black and BIPOC Individuals

We proudly host a trauma support group exclusively for Black and People of Colour (BIPOC) individuals, recognising their unique healing needs. Our peer facilitators, who have experienced trauma, lead this group with empathy and understanding. We acknowledge the lasting impact of trauma, especially for BIPOC individuals who face systemic racism and discrimination.

Conversations That Ignite Change, Lives That Flourish

Our gatherings are vibrant exchanges of stories, experiences, and wisdom. It’s an open forum where you can discuss anything that lives in your heart, specific topics or personal challenges. But it’s not just about talking; it’s about the beautiful reciprocity of giving and receiving support—a tapestry of woven connections.

From Pixels to Hugs: Join Us Online or In Person

Whether you prefer the warmth of virtual connections or the comfort of face-to-face interactions, we’ve got you covered. Our meetings seamlessly blend the online and in-person worlds, ensuring our support reaches you no matter where you are. Choose the path that resonates with your journey.

Ready to Join Us?

To become a part of our compassionate community and embark on your healing journey, reach out to us today! Contact us through the provided link or by email.

Your story matters; here, you’ll find the support and understanding you deserve. Join us and experience the transformative power of peer support Little Ro works in partnership with Survivors Voices.

Help Hope Healing Heard

Get Involved

Your support is crucial to our mission. Whether you’re interested in donating, volunteering, or learning more about our work, there are numerous ways to get involved. Together, we can create a world where survivors are heard, supported, and uplifted.

Embrace The Power of Giving

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What Our Users Say

Our weekly group has been a life line, thank you Jane and Roz– don’t know what I would have done without it.

In Talk Heal and Seal I have found my voice and a safer space to say it as I feel, without having to worry. Thank you.

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What sets our training courses apart is our team of expert instructors. Each of our trainers is a seasoned professional in the field of trauma, offering not only a wealth of theoretical knowledge but also invaluable real-world experience. Their lived experiences bring a unique depth to our courses, ensuring you receive the most comprehensive and practical education available.

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