adults and young people freeing themselves from abuse and trauma chains

Changing the Trauma Landscape

Little Ro is dedicated to transforming the landscape of childhood sexual assault and abuse. Discover the strides we’ve made below, and join us in making a difference in the lives of survivors.


Little Ro is actively engaged in research on childhood sexual assault, collaborating with institutions like King’s College, Coventry, and others. Our findings inform our goals, campaigns, and initiatives, including collaborative learning courses with institutions like the Tavistock. 

Peer Support Groups

Our peer support initiatives have flourished since the establishment of The London Survivors Group. From the Survivors Pod to Talk Heal & Seal and Mix Up groups, specialising in trauma support, they run weekly both online and in person, offering a lifeline to survivors.

Raising Awareness:

Our keynote speeches, “For Crying Out Loud” and “Paradise Lost,” have been praised for their informative content and delivered in a comfortable, sensitive style. They’ve resulted in offers of support, donations, and fundraising. Join us for these impactful keynotes, or invite us to speak to your audience and help us raise awareness.

Campaigning – Changing Service Provision:

Continuing our journey with the Centre of Expertise for child sexual abuse, we’re actively reshaping the trauma landscape alongside fellow activists. Little Ro has successfully advocated for changes, such as reinstating a specialist reception area for service users on mental health services in the Merton Uplift group.

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Church of England Safeguarding Reforms

We’ve worked closely with the Church of England to establish robust parameters for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. Read our comprehensive consultation report here.

Addressing The Synod:

Proudly, Roz Etwaria and Jane Chevous recently addressed the General Synod. Their impactful statements led Synod to unanimously accept the recommendations of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Assault, going even further. Watch this space!

We warmly invite you to become a valued sponsor of this impactful initiative. Your support will help bring this exhibition to life and contribute to the broader mission of fostering healing and awareness. Together, let’s make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by abuse and in the communities striving to heal and thrive. Join us on this journey, and let your sponsorship be a beacon of hope and change.

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