We Are Little Ro


So what happens when you mix passion with determination?  The answer is Little Ro Rowers. Little Rowers are passionate and determined to change the face of conversation and the experience of healing trauma.

Meet The Little Ro Rowers

Roz, middle photograph. Roz is our Project Director whose inspirational speeches keep us inspired. You can find out more about Roz right here

Flavia, top right photograph. Flavia is a trauma peer group Facilitator at Little Ro.  And a professional storyteller. Her crafting of personal and professional narratives gives her audience unique interpretations of life that can live to social change.  She uses her storytelling skills in our vital work to change the dialogue on Black trauma and healing. Flavia is our Company Secretary, and no organisation can be without its backbone admin.

Laura, top left photograph. Laura is an artist, activist and researcher. And Laura’s research has focused on the embodied experience of childhood trauma and new body-based interventions.  Laura works on the art of healing and is also the lead officer at Traumascapes, who is one of our partners. 

Jane, bottom left photograph. Now meet Jane. She has forefronted participation and lived experience in over 40 years in youth work, social care, lifelong learning and children’s rights fields, in voluntary, statutory and faith sectors. Jane is an activist and survivor-researcher. And she is one of the founders of SurvivorsVoices. And Roz is an Ambassador for SurvivorsVoices, so it is no surprise that we are partner organisations.

Florence, bottom right photograph.  Our Floetic Florence is relentless in her purpose to change the culture of trauma endured in BIPOC communities. Floetic Florence is the Facilitator designing and directing our Search Heal Seal peer support. And taking to the stage at our healing events to raise awareness of the complication of Black trauma.

But we are not alone. So, we are Little Rowers. But so are you! Get in touch, and let’s see what we can do.


We have the advice, input, and support from members of our peer support groups and fellow activists, including BLN, Award-Winning Filmmaker Joy T Riley, Yvonne Ellis, and many more freelancers and volunteer associates. 

We work collaboratively for research, campaigning, training and consultancy. And you are welcome to be part. Just contact us, and let’s see how we can make something happen.


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