Help Hope Healing Heard Mission Statement


Guided by our strapline “Help Hope Healing Heard,” our mission is to provide comprehensive support to those affected by child sexual assault and abuse. Through initiatives like support groups (detailed in our Projects and Progress section), we foster environments that embody help, hope, and healing. By raising awareness, enhancing prevention efforts, and advocating for improved responses, we strive to break the cycle of childhood sexual assault and abuse. Acknowledging the link between unresolved trauma and abusive relationships, we extend our support to survivors of domestic abuse in collaboration with organizations like Refuge.

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Awareness and Campaigning Mission

With “Help Hope Healing Heard” as our guiding principle, we are dedicated to raising awareness of the profound impact of childhood sexual assault and abuse on survivors and society. Our impactful keynote speeches, “For Crying Out Loud” and “Paradise Lost,” engage and educate audiences. For a healthy, healing, and humorous conversation, contact us to bring our message to your audience. Our campaigns focus on improving service provision for victim-survivors, advocating for unique and extended therapy on the NHS. Explore our Projects and Progress pages for more details.

Sponsor Our Mission

 Join hands with us to make “Help Hope Healing Heard” a reality. By sponsoring our mission, you contribute directly to the healing journey of survivors and the prevention of childhood sexual assault and abuse. Contact us to explore sponsorship opportunities and become a vital part of our impactful work.

Help Hope Healing Heard

Get Involved

Your support is crucial to our mission. Whether you’re interested in donating, volunteering, or learning more about our work, there are numerous ways to get involved. Together, we can create a world where survivors are heard, supported, and uplifted.

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As a free, non-profit website that operates without ads, we rely on readers like you for support. If you believe in the mission of Little Ro, we encourage you to make a tangible difference today. Even a small donation of just £5 can profoundly impact the advancement of our cause. Join us in creating positive change by scanning and donating or simply clicking on the donation buttons. Your support matters, and we extend our heartfelt thanks for being a part of this journey.

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