Little Ro is on a mission to make to change the landscape of childhood sexual assault and abuse. And here is where we tell you about our progress.  And some of that progress is made by the projects we deliver. So keep an eye on the project page.

Church Of England CSA Reforms


We have been working with the Church of England to create the parameters for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. Read our consultation report here

Addressing The Synod

We are proud to say Roz Etwaria and Jane Chevous addressed the General Synod.  And Roz and Jane’s impactful statements led Synod to unanimously fully accept the recommendations of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Assault and also to agree to go beyond the recommendations.  Watch this space!


Little Ro continues to research childhood sexual assault. We use the evidence from Little Ro’s research to reach our aims and support our campaigns. And our research is also finding alternative ways to provide help hope and healing where needed. We are part of Safe Seen Support. The project considers the plight of children and young people in COVID-19 trapped in abusive households.. The findings are here along with other research with Survivors Voices.

London Survivors Group

Little Ro has been instrumental in setting up The London Survivors Group in south London. A peer2peer support group that provides talk therapy in a safe place. Along with Survivors Voices, we want to set up many more such groups. If you wish to know more or join us contact us now.

Campaigning – Changing Service Provision

Little Ro has been an advocate at the Merton Uplift group on mental health services. And as a result of the meeting with the Board for mental health services, the organisation reinstated a specialist reception area for users of the service. We also The Board are also reviewing their service in respect of adult victim-survivors of CSA. Merton’s review is going to be including the length of support that will be given to victim-survivors. It is currently only five months.

Raising Awareness

We have delivered our keynote speeches to individuals and organisations. Our Keynotes are being praised for their informative content and being delivered in a comfortable and sensitive style. They have resulted in offers of support, including donations and fundraising.

To learn more join us for our Keynote speeches For Crying Out Loud and Paradise Lost or to help us raise awareness invite us to speak to your audience. Contact us now, we are just one click away.

So, we are happy with our advances but there is a long way to go. Help us by donating money, time and know-how.

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