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Thank you for stopping at Little Ro. I am Roz Etwaria and I am delighted to be responsible for heading up the Little Ro initiative as Project Director. Childhood sexual assault [CSA] is not just dehumanising; it is debilitating. I believe it is time to restore victim-survivors dignity. And a donation from you would help.

So, when I started work in this area, I was overwhelmed by the sheer complexity and the devastation wreaked by CSA. My interview with Yvonne Ellis below is a testament to that. And to CSA never being historical. And, I was also struck by how the common use of the word abuse detracts from the ravages and trauma that is inflicted. So we prefer to use the word assault.

Journey To Project Director

So, I started in law and then found myself a business consultant engaged as a Director of several companies. I have sat on several private and public boards. My work and my clients are diverse. I found myself working on large multi-million-pound projects like the regeneration of South Action, or managing anti-social behaviour. And I have always worked voluntarily in the community, in law centres and in social projects, for I believe in equity and fairness.

So I have met a range of people from all walks of life. Through those experiences, I became exposed to CSA. Adults were behaving in ways labelled ‘anti-social’ or emotionally immature, but they were suffering the traumas of CSA. Victim-survivors need Help Hope and Healing, not retribution.

I soon became an ardent campaigner. Working in broadcasting, I would regularly raise the issue to the chagrin of some listeners. So, I would receive calls of complaint. But I also received calls from victim-survivors who confided their stories to me on and off-air. I found myself taking calls and fielding calls to the Samaritan from victim-survivors.

Horrors Allowed

I remember reading a case that scarred me for life. It was the true story of a father escaping jail having admitted to having sex with his daughter. And he had begun sexually assaulting her from age four while she was being treated for cancer. He avoids jail because his job pays for his daughter’s medical bills.

We need to talk about CSA it is cancer in our society. ‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. 1‘ So for the last five years and more, I have ratcheted up talking about CSA and victim-survivor support. Little Ro does just that. You will read several achievements I have been instrumental in on our progress page. And our work has a long way to go, but in partnership with Survivors’ Voices, we continue to make a change.

For apparent reasons, work with victim-survivors is confidential. However, with permission, I have included the words of people I have and do work with.

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Roz is an articulate, intelligent and deeply thoughtful person. Her passion for changing the way society responds to child abuse, and adult survivors are evident from the moment you meet her. She is part of the Survivors’ Voices Changemakers group and brings skill and motivation to all she does.
Concetta Perôt, Co-founder, Survivors’ Voices

I cannot say how special it was to meet you, and everyone yesterday. But when you stood up and talked us through the history of abuse and law, I saw that there was a mover and a shaker in the room.

Survivor PhD Research Student

Roz is an intellectual force with a thorough knowledge and understanding of how the trauma of sexual abuse in childhood impacts adult lives. Roz is supportive of survivors working ceaselessly to make a change. Little Ro is in a safe pair of hands
Suzanne Reid

Roz Etwaria is intuitive, energetic, compassionate and charming. Roz embraces the true spirit of Ubuntu.

Roz has worked with different community projects, including the Ashton Jazz Academy set up to prevent young people from taking their life. But her passion for changing attitudes to childhood sexual abuse is evident. I have seen how Little Ro has bloomed, and it continues to develop.
I am looking forward to the next series of keynote speeches that Roz will be delivering around the country.

Reverend Pearl Cadogan

Roz is so very supportive to survivors like me lending an ear, a shoulder and a wealth of know-how.  She is an MP (Master Philanthropist) to people like me Survivor Ebee J

Interview with Yvonne Ellis of Daughters Arise Part 1 of 2

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  1. Martin Luther King Jr.