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NavigatingTrauma: Inspiring Change Through Compassion

Step into the heart of our mission, where ongoing efforts harmonise with the dreams, propelling our vision for a brighter tomorrow. This Projects page serves as a canvas, proudly displaying our impactful initiatives—a testament to our commitment to fostering help, healing, hope, and being heard. But our journey is an ongoing story; beyond these accomplishments lies a tapestry of dreams waiting to be woven into reality. Explore our ongoing projects, witness the transformative power of our work, and join us as we chart a course towards a tomorrow where every individual finds solace, strength, and a community ready to uplift. Together, we’re not just shaping projects; we’re shaping lives.

BIOPOC Peer Support

This initiative delves into addressing abuse and trauma, recognising that Afriphobia is both abusive and traumatic. Learn more about this project here, and feel free to share the link.

Survivors’ Pod

In collaboration with Survivors’ Voice, Little Ro runs an online peer-to-peer service called Survivors Pod, providing support for victim-survivors of abuse. Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, our commitment to mental health support has only strengthened. Discover more about this initiative here.

Peer Facilitator Workshops

Expanding our reach, we train facilitators to establish peer support groups for those seeking Help, Hope, and Healing. Explore this project further here.

Education & Training

Little Ro’s commitment extends to comprehensive training programmes covering a range of topics for professionals, businesses, victim-survivors, and their families. Learn more about this initiative here. offering new knowledge to manage trauma for survivors and those we love


Our dedication to raising awareness of Childhood Sexual Assault and eradicating survivors’ shame is evident in our Keynote speeches, “For Crying Out Loud” and “Paradise Lost.” Contact us for training or our keynotes.


Join us in advocating for change in how child sex assault and abuse is handled. We stand for:

  • Long-term NHS therapy for victim-survivors
  • A range of therapies for recovery
  • Victim-survivor advocacy
  • Increased support in the criminal justice system
  • Compulsory age-appropriate sex education for five-year-olds and under.
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Upcoming Initiatives: Shaping the Future of Support

Project Preview: Hurt and Healing

Embark on a profound journey through this powerful exhibition, where we courageously unveil the depth of pain caused by abuse and joyously celebrate the healing discovered within our communities, all achieved despite the absence of institutional recognition and support. This transformative experience is an opportunity for reflection, empathy, and a shared commitment to change.

We warmly invite you to become a valued sponsor of this impactful initiative. Your support will help bring this exhibition to life and contribute to the broader mission of fostering healing and awareness. Together, let’s make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by abuse and in the communities striving to heal and thrive. Join us on this journey, and let your sponsorship be a beacon of hope and change.

Project Preview: Breaking The Silence

Unveiling afternoon sessions dedicated to discussing Black Trauma, abuse, domestic abuse, and childhood sexual assault and abuse. Led by lived-experience professionals, these sessions are free at the point of service and inclusive, with light provisions to encourage BIPOC individuals to break the silence surrounding trauma and abuse.

Project Preview: Peer2Peer Support Groups

Inspired by the success of the London Survivors Group, we’re actively working to increase the availability of safe Peer2Peer talk therapy groups. Each group aims to be free at the point of service, including subsidies for travel, offering refreshments, alternative therapies, and meeting more than once a week. Crèche facilities will also be provided.

Project Preview: Hope and Healing Homes

Our medium to long-term vision involves creating Hope & Healing Homes—dedicated spaces for victim-survivors to heal without time constraints. Unlike current waiting times in the NHS, our vision is to provide sustained support beyond 5-12 months.


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