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Hurt and Healing 2022
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Black & IPOC Peer Support

How pleased are we? Very.  Our first Black Indigenous and People of Colour [BIPOC]  In Person support group is up and going strong.  It looks at abuse and trauma recognising that Afriphobia is abusive and traumatic. You can learn more right here. And feel free to share the link. 

Survivors Pod Peer Support

Psychiatrists say that the covid pandemic is the greatest threat to mental health since the second world war.  The problem is likely to be exacerbated for those who are victim-survivors of abuse. In partnership with Survivors’ Voice, Little Ro runs a peer-to-peer service, Survivors pod an online network.


We are growing and spreading the healing.  So many of us need Help Hope and Healing in peer support set-ups.  And to meet that need are training facilitators to open groups and share the healing.  Yay! You can learn more about the project here.

Peer2Peer Support Groups

Little Ro is working to increase the number of safe peer2peer talk therapy groups available.  We are creating more groups like the London Survivors Group.  But it is not enough to just increase the number of groups.  We seek to have each group 

Free at the point of service. So, the victim-survivor does not have to contribute. In so doing, we remove the obstacle for victim-survivors to make financial contributions to attending a service for their healing. Victim-survivors include single mothers, those with addictions, those in-between jobs and others whose finances prove a hindrance to attending.

Subsidise Travel – for the reasons given above

Provide refreshments to improve the comfort of the environment and the experience

Provide alternative therapy such as colour and energy healing

Meetings more than once a week

Crèche facilities

Education & Training

Little Ro projects will include a series of training programmes for victim-survivors and their families. They will consist of applications to enable hope, well being and transferable skill some of which are

Talkshops where victim-survivors learn to advocate for themselves and others

Workshops for spiritual well-being

Educational seminars on the physical and emotional effects of abuse to help overcome the pain and anguish caused

Therapy and massage sessions 

Training classes for practical skills, building for self-esteem and employment opportunities


Make A Difference

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Hope & Healing Homes

Imagine life without a hospital or medical centre to heal your pain.  It could be backache or physio for a broken limb.  Well, we can’t imagine how victim-survivors exist without one either.  And so it is our medium to long-term goal to provide such a place.  A place where victim-survivors can hope and heal without being told that their time for healing and therefore perhaps hoping is up, after five to twelve months.

At the moment that place does not exist other than in our plans but it is firmly in our thoughts.  As you read this, many victim-survivors have walked around with their trauma and misplaced guilt for years.  Some take their own lives.  Others find escape and comfort in substance addiction.  Others are in poor relationships.  A time comes when they seek help.  

Victim-survivors can wait months perhaps years for access to treatment. Fortunately, groups like our London Survivors Group can offer some help. But working with a therapist is a waiting game on a waiting list. A victim-survivor can have 30 years of trauma, exacerbated by months of anguish waiting to be seen on the NHS for just five months. The lucky ones may get a year. A Victim-Survivor’s lifetime of trauma to be resolved by the NHS in a year? Enter our Hope & Healing House.  We have a vision!


Little Ro works to raise awareness of CSA and remove ‘survivors’ shame’ and improve public understanding and support.  To increase awareness of the effects of CSA so that professionals such as teachers, doctors and social workers identify it as the root cause of some dependency or disruptive behaviours. 

To learn more join us for our Keynote speeches For Crying Out Loud and Paradise Lost and learn how CSA affects children, adults and society. Learn what we can do to change it. And donʼt be shy to invite us to deliver our keynote speeches for you! Invite us to speak to your audience, contact us now

Learn about the scale of CSA

The emotional and physical effects of CSA

How hope and recovery are possible

Why Childhood Sexual Abuse is Never historical


‘The Tongue Can Paint What The Eyes Can’t See’ 

Chinese proverb

We do not believe that spending money on historical abuse is ‘malarkey’  or money ‘spaffed’ up the wall’ as suggested by Boris Johnson. Rather, it is money that is central to the individual and society’s well-being.  

We are campaigning to see a change in policy on how CSA is handled. We wish to see

Long-term NHS therapy for victim-survivors

A range of therapies for recovery

Victim-survivors speak out and advocacy 

Increased support in the criminal justice system

Compulsory age-appropriate sex education for five-year-olds

We also raise awareness through broadcasting, podcasting and the blogs that will be available on this site. 

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