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Talking Through Torment – Suicide Prevention

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the world, but it is not inevitable. You can make a difference by learning how to recognise, intervene, and support someone who is struggling with suicidal thoughts. In this course, you will discover how to talk through torment and save a life.

A compassionate trauma specialist from LittleRo.Org discusses life-saving suicide prevention techniques over the phone.

This Course Is For…

Anyone who wants to learn how to prevent suicide and support someone who is at risk, whether it is a friend, a family member, a colleague, or a client.

It is also ideal for businesses and professionals who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in suicide prevention and mental health support. Suicide is a major issue that affects the workplace in many ways, such as:

  • Reducing productivity and performance
  • Increasing absenteeism and turnover
  • Damaging morale and culture
  • Exposing legal and reputational risks

In this two-hour course, compassionately explore:

  • Identify the nature and causes of self-harm and suicide
  • Define suicide and understand its impact on individuals and communities
  • Recognise the warning signs and risk factors of suicide
  • Challenge the stigma and myths surrounding suicide
  • Apply effective intervention strategies to help someone in crisis
  • Provide support and resources to someone who is suicidal or bereaved by suicide
  • Practise self-care and coping skills to protect your own mental health

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to save a life and make a difference. Book this course today and join a community of compassionate and caring people who want to prevent suicide and support mental health.

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A red telephone, symbolising a life-saving line, connecting to LittleRo.Org trauma specialists discussing suicide prevention techniques.

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