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Oh, What A Night – Black Trauma

There are few events on Black Trauma, fewer discussing the subject with healing, humour and in-depth knowledge but BLN did. Oh, what a night on Black Trauma filled with laughter, love and learning. Like so many, I was left wanting more. Do it again soon, please. Excellent Evening

Step spoken word

You, who do you think you are? You, be quiet You, do as you are told Words that limit, detract, and destroy Words you may have heard and did not enjoy Words from a father, a mother, a sibling Words from a teacher, a colleague or friend Those words that keep you down and dull You do as you are […]

Fancy Being A Facilitator?

Peer support offers a unique opportunity to give help, hope and healing to abuse survivors. It provides a space where survivors can feel accepted and understood. Our groups focus on talking and discussion, which could be about particular topics or difficulties, anything live for those attending. It involves both giving and receiving support. Our meetings are online and in person. […]

Emotions Taking Me Over

Being a victim-survivor of Child Sex Abuse (CSA) can find you drowning in torrents of emotions. A thick sadness makes it difficult to work out which way is up and how to get out is almost impossible to navigate. It feels like the earth is pressing you down, not holding you up. Your nose, mouth and throat are filled with […]