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Meet Roz: Championing Survivors 

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Greetings, I’m Roz, the Project Holder at Little Ro, an initiative committed to reinstating the dignity of childhood sexual assault and all abuse victim-survivors.

My Diverse Background

  • The Law: I bring a legal perspective to our mission
  • Research and Consulting: My expertise in diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and emotional intelligence bolsters our efforts.
  • Broadcasting and Advocacy: Raising Awareness on Molestation and abuse and amplifying voices
  • Leadership: Guiding Companies and Serving on Boards.
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Path to Awakening

An awakening shaped my path to becoming a Project Holder. Witnessing the suffering and trauma experienced by adults who endured child sexual assault and abuse, I recognised that the term ‘abuse’ failed to encapsulate the full extent of their pain. Subsequently, I chose ‘assault’ instead.

So, I began receiving calls from victim-survivors, who entrusted me with their stories, on and off the airwaves. Their tales shocked me, revealing the horrors they endured and the absence of justice they received.

Therefore, I realised that child sexual assault isn’t just dehumanising; it’s debilitating. It permeates every facet of life, from health to relationships to work, and perpetuates cycles of violence and inequality in society

Joining Little Ro:

A Mission of Help Hope Healing Heard

This realisation led me to Little Ro, where we offer Help, Hope, and Healing to trauma victims-survivors. Accordingly we provide peer support, advocacy, education, and encouragement while challenging the shame and stigma associated with child sexual assault. telephone donation image

The ‘Project Holder’ Approach

Now, you might wonder, why “Project Holder” and not “Director”? It’s because I believe in a different approach. I’m most comfortable with the idea of holding the project, not controlling it. Direction should be a collaborative effort determined by our users and stakeholders. And I’m indebted to Laura, who shares this perspective and has tirelessly explored suitable alternatives with me.

Be Our Sponsor

As the Project Holder, I’m reaching out with a special request. Your sponsorship is not just a financial contribution; it’s an endorsement of our mission to restore dignity to survivors of childhood sexual assault. Our journey is impactful, and your support can make a lasting difference. However, we approach sponsorships with care, ensuring alignment with our values. Little Ro seeks partners who share our commitment to empathy and ethical principles. Join us in making a meaningful impact on the lives of survivors and communities striving to heal and thrive. Let your support echo the change we wish to see. Together, we can create a brighter future.


Roz is an articulate, intelligent and deeply thoughtful person. Her passion for changing the way society responds to child abuse, and adult survivors are evident from the moment you meet her. She is part of the Survivors’ Voices Changemakers group and brings skill and motivation to all she does.
Concetta Perôt, Co-founder, Survivors’ Voices

Roz is an intellectual force with a thorough knowledge and understanding of how the trauma of sexual abuse in childhood impacts adult lives. Roz is supportive of survivors working ceaselessly to make a change. Little Ro is in a safe pair of hands.
Suzanne Reid

Roz is so very supportive to survivors like me lending an ear, a shoulder and a wealth of know-how.  She is an MP (Master Philanthropist) to people like me 

Survivor Ebee J

Roz, I cannot say how special it was to meet you, and everyone yesterday. But when you stood up and talked us through the history of abuse and law, I saw that there was a mover and a shaker in the room.
Survivor PhD Research Student

Roz Etwaria is intuitive, energetic, compassionate and charming. Roz embraces the true spirit of Ubuntu.

Roz has worked with different community projects, including the Ashton Jazz Academy, which was set up to prevent young people from dying. But her passion for changing attitudes to childhood sexual abuse is evident. I have seen how Little Ro has bloomed and continues to develop.
I look forward to the next series of keynote speeches that Roz will deliver around the country.
Reverend Pearl Cadogan

inSIGHT Podcast Survivor Interview

inSIGHT is platform that raised awareness on survivor issues. Interview with Yvonne Ellis of Daughters Arise Part 1 of 2

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