Our Values Are:

Being Human

Taking Action Today, Not Tomorrow

Liberation, increasing voice-reducing labels

Thriving, Not Just Surviving Creative and joyful

Giving Voice to Taboos: Fostering Open Dialogue and Healing

Advancing Community Progress

Pursuing Equity: Not Equality

Values AT LittleRo.org

Defined By Our Values

Thank you for visiting this page. In a world increasingly marked by deceit and ethical cynicism, we believe that sharing our values is more crucial than ever. These values are the heart and soul of our organisation, representing the very essence of who we are.

They serve as the foundation of our culture, shaping our actions and setting the tone for our endeavours. Our values are not generic; they are uniquely crafted, the result of our beliefs and the input of our service users and stakeholders. We actively incorporate them into every stage of our stakeholder relationships and partnerships.

Little Ro is an initiative of the Kairos Generation CIC. We, therefore echo each other’s values.

shaking hands on shared values, mission and Little Ro sponsorship

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We warmly invite you to become a valued sponsor of our impactful initiatives. Your support will be pivotal in bringing our special projects to life and contributing to our broader mission of fostering healing and awareness. Together, let’s make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by abuse and in the communities striving to heal and thrive. Join us on this transformative journey, and let your sponsorship be a beacon of hope and positive change.

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