Survivors Pod
Survivors pod online support, 
Tuesdays 19:00 - 20:15
Let your feelings go. 
Connect with Survivors Pod, our online survivors' community. 
Fear, anger or foes sit in us, join the pod and let it go. 

For safety attendance by invitation only. 

When facing victim-survivor challenges, a person can feel alone or afraid. That’s why having a good support network is incredibly important. And during the Corona/CoVid pandemic, support has never been more important for mental health.  So and Survivors Voices have created Survivors Pod. Survivors Pod is an online support community for all victim-survivors. To join us, read the Peer Support Group Info & Guidelines and email us at A member of the team will get in contact with you. And check out the resources page for more help and support.

Survivors Pod

  • A shoulder to lean on
  • An ear to listen
  • Empowers victim-survivors
  • Helps people to reach out
  • A place to get things off your chest and sometimes even laugh out loud about it.

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What is peer support?

Peer-to-peer support happens when people with shared experience, use that shared experience to help somebody with the same. So it brings people together to help each other, provides a space where all feel accepted and understood, holds each member’s experience as equally valid and everybody involved gives and receives support.

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