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Hurt& Healing 2023

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Hurt & Healing is a BIPOC* survivor led event raising awareness of the abuse and the complexity of BIPOC trauma. It is the event to bring together communities, survivors’ supporters, university lecturers, well-being professionals, global experts, thought leaders, those who are unaware they are survivors, and you for an immersive evening of conversation, sharing and healing. It is a space which seeks to educate and develop awareness and public debate. Look at the video response to our work to discover why Hurt & Healing will be a wow event.

Hurt & Healing shows the effects of the systems we created to live in and how we can accelerate change and create new ways.

Hurt & Healing brings our worlds closer together

Hurt & Healing is centred around diversity and inclusivity and creating a safer space. It seeks to have an impact on people’s lives and local communities. Please see our Code of Conduct.

The People Say  ‘WoW’ 

We have wow reviews from our events which feature Awesome Artists, Sensational Speakers and Ace Attendees.

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*BIPOC – Black Indigenous and People of Colour