Step Spoken Word
You, who do you think you are?
You, be quiet
You, do as you are told
Words that limit, detract, and destroy
Words you may have heard and did not enjoy
Words from a father, a mother, a sibling
Words from a teacher, a colleague or friend
Those words that keep you down and dull
You do as you are told
Those words that stop you listening
Those words that stop you seeing
Those words that stop you feeling
It’s time to turn up your hearing
It’s time to start seeing
It’s time to start feeling
It’s time to start believing
You are living in someone else’s comfort zone
Break those external influences
Break those internal voices
Break those negative feelings
Break those patterns that have held you down
Step into your future
Step into your purpose
Step into your wisdom
Step into action, enlightenment and joy
You are more than you know
You are starting to glow
You are a star
You are; You are.

Spoken word by Flavia McDonald – Your Flaviarite Storyteller


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