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A video was circulating on social media about an evening discussing Black trauma. Roz, who works with the organisation Little Ro said it would be ‘healing and humorous’. They are not two words I would put together, especially with Black trauma. But I booked my ticket for the Bush Theatre as I really wanted to know more about Black trauma, and these events are so few.

It was an Amazing night. Eljai and Roz are funny, and their combination is winning. I had tears of laughter from how Eljai met Roz, and she was crawling around on her belly. And I had tears of sorrow when Roz brilliantly explained Black Trauma, the layers of trauma Black people experience. I recognised myself in her storytelling.  

Roz is brilliant and can weave details from so many areas of life into the picture. She held us captive, and I can say her bio is correct when it says she speaks with wisdom and wit. I love her mind and honesty, and her multi-media approach was engaging. Although, I felt the video could have been slower to allow the audience to read the content. And as many said at the bar, we learnt so much in what felt like a safe space.

Black Trauma at BLN host Eljai performing spoken word

Eljai held the evening together beautifully. She is sharp and so relatable with an authentic approach. I love how her questions with Roz flowed. I really think they went off the script if there was one. I sometimes felt her questions were too long, but I could have listened to the pair for at least another hour or two. So, it didn’t matter that their interview was over time.  

And after the interview came an evening of Spoken Word led by Eljai. It was a beautiful and moving experience. I heard about the Black experience from the poetry of a Black woman in a wheelchair. A mix raced woman rhymed how she handled being called exotic by naming her attacker Mrs Tits, and on on on went the experience with songs in soul and reggae.

Oh, what a night on Black Trauma filled with laughter, love and learning. Like so many, I was left wanting more. Do it again soon, please.

Evie B.

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